Keystone Resort

Parking Guidelines

The parking guidelines for Keystone Resort are as follows. Please be aware that these rules are set in place by the HOA's of all Keystone buildings. SkyRun does not create these parking rules but, does require all SkyRun guests to abide by Keystone's parking rules.

Parking During Your Ski Day:
- The Keystone Lodge will have limited complimentary self-parking, day and night.
- The River Run gondola lot (Montezuma lot) will be free every day of the season.
- The River Run Village lot, Hunki Dori lot, and Gold Bug lot will be $30 per day.
- Mountain House parking lots: Mountain House West E (Formerly Pika) will be $10 a day, Mountain House West A, Mountain House West B, and Mountain House East D (Formerly Marmot and Porcupine) will be $20 a day.

- Overnight parking is not allowed in River Run parking lot.

- SkyRun guests are allowed to park in the other pay parking lots for $20 per night PLUS the day fee.
- On weekends and holiday timeframes, free parking will also be available at North Shuttle and Powerline Shuttle lots.
- Parking will be free in all lots every day beginning at 2 pm.

Parking at your SkyRun Property: The MAX number of vehicles indicated on your confirmation email is the maximum number of vehicles which are allowed in designated parking areas for your property per the HOA rules. If you should have more than the allowed number of vehicles in your party, you will need to park any additional vehicles in the overflow lot located across Highway 6 from the Keystone Lodge and Spa. Trailers, campers, and RVs are prohibited from parking in condominium complexes. Please refer to our office staff for more information on where to park over-sized vehicles.

If you are staying in a single family home, please only park your vehicles in the garage or on the driveway. Parking on the street is prohibited.

The max number of vehicles per complex are listed below:

Wild Irishman: 1 vehicle per condo

Flying Dutchman: 1 vehicle per condo

Cinnamon Ridge: 1 vehicles per condo

Quicksilver: 1 vehicle per condo

The Willows: 1 vehicle per condo

Autumn Brook: 2 in garage 1 outside per condo

Decatur: 1 vehicle per condo

The Seasons Town-homes: 1 vehicle per town-home

Soda Springs: 2 vehicles per condo

Mill Creek: 2 vehicles per condo

Oro Grande: 1 in the parking garage 1 outside per condo

The Pines: 1 vehicle per condo

Homestead and Lodgepole: 1 vehicle per condo

Snowdance/Snowdance Manor: 2 vehicles per condo

Red Hawk Lodge: 1 vehicle per condo

The Springs: 1 vehicle per condo

Tenderfoot Lodge: 1 vehicle per condo in garage, exterior parking first come first served

Hidden River Lodge: 1 vehicle per condo

Slopeside: 1 vehicle per condo

Chateaux D'Mont: 1 vehicle per condo

Key Condo: 1 vehicle per condo

Lone Eagle and The Timbers: 1 vehicle per condo

Starfire Townhomes: Number of vehicles that can fit inside of the garage, plus one in the driveway

River Run Townhomes: Number of vehicles that can fit inside of the garage, plus one in the driveway

Gateway: 1 vehicle per condo

Settlers Creek Townhomes: Number of vehicles that can fit inside of the garage or in assigned parking space.

The Alders: Number of vehicles that can fit inside of the garage, plus one in the driveway.

Silvermill, Buffalo Lodge, Dakota Lodge, Expedition Station: One vehicles per condo

Trappers Crossing: 1 vehicle per condo

Frostfire: 2 vehicles per condo

Please be aware of these parking rules while you are planning your trip to Keystone. Carpooling will not only help you save time trying to acquire more parking passes but, it is also a great way to help protect the environment we all love here in Keystone. If you have any questions or would like more information, please call our office at (970)-300-1811.

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